foolish feathers’ parody

Music drew choking Nature,

Singing foolish Feathers’ parody,


Leaving thy waste Refuge;

Be wasted beyond Desire’s charity.


Voyage that promised Ignorance,

Pleased the Nerves past comfort,


Soaring over Foundation;

Thoughts them have tricked Ideas effort.



Fool, Fool, banal Beings;

By schemes, mortal and vain, distort Ribs in pain,


White fences broken, red bricks cracked,

Reeking paints made Sanctuary.


Bones un-fathered at conception;

Gather Soil, less the mourning tulips’ lane,


Chased a union;

Orphaned at crest, knowing not where to descend.



An Enterprise, blinded by brilliant Collars’ tyranny;

Don’t cease your necessity,


In Devil’s matrimony; making dealings,

Abandoned, past crying a million Beings.


Broken china be fixed;

Breaching thousand weary Images, of sordid clarity,


Unlocked Chambers, now since forever,

Breed untamed Lives, chained by putrid Veins.



Happy together in Sickness and Hell,

Words, witnessed the Breasts across the pane.


Un-feathered, since every Light’s yesterday;

Cornered, at mercy of the Wind’s gain.



Image: Love, 1925, Joan Miro.

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