Trump: The Dumbest Supervillain


US President Donald Trump is being packaged and sold as an evil genius by the nation’s media and entertainment industry. They know they’re stuck with Trump, and he’s beyond redemption, so let’s make a supervillain out of him for that image would be just as appealing. Meanwhile, the world continues to gradually dip into chaos, not because of any new evil concocted by the US Government, but because for the first time America’s hypocrisy has been unmasked.

This piece, on America’s propaganda machinery swallowing the world, has been in the making for some time now. Even though there was ample material, the motivation was missing. After all, “so what?” and “what’s new?” Then something unique happened last weekend and it reinvigorated my interest to write this piece. So what happened? Michelle Wolf, an American comedian and writer, bombed while hosting the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA). But what does that mean? Did she perform badly, did she not get the laughs, did she offend a vast section of very rich and powerful people? Well, all of them. And she did it with full knowledge of what she was doing and what the reaction would be. Now I haven’t followed much of Ms. Wolf’s work, be it for TV or stand-up. So I ventured back a little, and on witnessing a tiny bit of her style and content, just one word came to my mind, refreshing. Expectedly, she didn’t disappoint at the WHCA’s annual dinner. So what was so special about her routine at the event? Well, she refused to amuse a room full of corrupt people and called bullshit on their faces.

The WHCA represents journalists who cover the White House and the office of the US President. It is one of the most elite fraternities in the mainstream American media industry – the motherlode of American propaganda. The organization counts members and guests from all sides, red, blue, and the vast white in between. All of who harbor varied beliefs and arguments on all topics under the sun but one – American interest. When it comes to protecting American interests, or interests of the rich and the powerful to be more precise, the mainstream American media fraternity is unflinching in its unity. Combining forces with perhaps the biggest, baddest, most successful weapon in the world, Hollywood, American media has relentlessly churned out propaganda-dipped content for the past 70 years. Be it through literature, movies, television, print media, digital content, or even journalism, the US media and entertainment industry has promoted American interest as the interest of the free world, a better world, one you’ll be in pursuit of but never reach – a crucial part of the charm. And in doing so, the top tier of the US society has efforted to ruin the rest of the world, most Americans included.

This is where Ms. Wolf’s monologue struck a chord. The comic ensured that the WHCA’s annual event was not another orgy of money and power and that the attendees left with an annoying taste in their mouths. Every time one of her quips failed to draw laughter from the crowd, there were waves of symbolic hysteria among the masses screwed over worldwide by the US elite. She was accused of throwing vulgarity at “mothers and daughters” who defend criminals daily for a living, at the holy media for creating and then profiting off Trump, at the current US Congress for failing in everything but corruption, at the White House for having become the Satan’s den, and at the Wall Street for its uncanny ability to get away with literally anything. Now, none of this is new. Since the first WHCA dinner in 1921, hosts and attendees have joked about the obvious evils of the US. For instance, Hasan Minhaj in 2017 joked about Russia’s tampering with the US elections, “Ah, a foreign government tampered with your elections? What is that like?” Hinting at the long and glorious US tradition of fu**ing with foreign countries. The new element this year, however, was that the routine wasn’t meant to make the US elite wallow in their power, but to piss them off, and boy it did!

The event presents an argument worth considering if this unique routine could have come only from a woman, especially in the backdrop of a string of sexual harassment cases and its enabling machinery that have wrapped up the nation coast to coast. The much-publicized greatest nation in the world in 2016 elected a half-wit, who has a fascination for grabbing women’s genitals, as its president over a career diplomat. What all went behind the election is known to us all, so no point detailing here, but what has been carefully omitted from the annoying amount of coverage is how the US wrote its destiny. From the 1950s, the US media has been churning out an image of the US as the only land of the free, of the superlatives. Anything best here was the best in the world, and Hollywood played a major role in spreading this propaganda. From the white picket fence to the friendly golden retriever, from fried chicken to Coca Cola, from music and movies to Nascar and baseball, you wanted it all. It didn’t matter where you were in the world, even though these objects had nothing to do with your upbringing which in itself was enriched with respective culture and traditions, but they were boring to you in front of the American dream.

Globally people were fed this dream, and the worst affected were the Americans. They are told that what they have is the best they can get in this world. This continues to brew a deep sense of cultural snobbishness among Americans, resultantly they don’t see the point in learning about the world, forget respecting it. The US media made not knowing about the world, about cracking ignorant, insensitive jokes (very often racist) about the world a cool thing. This attitude is borne and spread primarily by a section of White Americans as the non-white population continues to suffer from prejudice and discrimination. As the citizens cocooned themselves in this American dream, the US government and the corporate ravaged the world, destabilizing nations, looting resources, and brainwashing the global population. This has been achieved less with guns and money, and more with television, cinema, music, merchandise, and so on. The FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the much-celebrated “intelligence” agencies of the US are in reality much much less intelligent than portrayed by Hollywood – a small part of a big con job. Hollywood has infiltrated where these agencies could not – people’s minds. And this continues today, just that the efforts have been masked under the veils of political correctness, thanks to a growing consumer trove in “third world” countries.

This illiteracy arising out of the cultural snobbishness culminated in the election of Trump, which has unearthed chaos carefully sown over the past decades. Now, do you think this will be a turning point for the US media to be more responsible in the future, to be more accountable for what they sell? Hell No! To preserve the might of the US, the industry has devised the newest propaganda out of this chaos – to brand and sell Trump as Dr. Evil. Both Hollywood and the mainstream US media are working day and night to portray him as an evil genius who can bring substantial changes to the world order. They realized that they’re stuck with a character that is beyond redemption, in fact, it will be bad business if he is redeemed, so better sell him as an evil genius, the appeal of which is just as lucrative. But there’s a problem here and it has nothing to do with morality or righteousness or some such. These words are Latin to elites anywhere in the world. The problem is that Donald Trump is a fu**ing moron. He’s incredibly bad at the only thing he’s supposed to be good at, business, let alone anything else. He has failed at one business after another – airline, beverages, university, casino, magazine, steaks, among many many others. The ego-inflated orange balloon has been bankrupt at least six times and threatens to sue people every day. Fact remains that the list of cases he has settled in favor of his opponents is longer than his hideous ties. He isn’t even smart enough to threaten a kid’s lemonade stand, let alone the world diplomacy and economy. Circus monkeys are smarter than he is, but we’re being told that he’s an evil genius, multiple times a day, every day.

Meanwhile, the world continues to gradually dip into chaos, not because of any new evil concocted by the US Government, but because perhaps for the first time America’s organized hypocrisy has been unmasked. “America First”, an idea for which Trump has been widely credited by the US media, is another thing he wasn’t smart enough to make up and he didn’t. This ideology has been in practice for over 70 years. In veils of diplomacy, trade, security, culture, and above all, freedom, the US has quite literally stepped all over the world. Herein, Trump should be congratulated for adopting a rather frank attitude, “The world knows we are assholes, so let’s stop pretending we’re not”. Allow me to give a small but significant example of American propaganda – the latest King Kong movie, “Kong: Skull Island”, another gut-churning bad produce of Hollywood. Anyway, so at the beginning of the movie, an American delegation has ventured into an unexplored island and they’re going around dropping bombs to test the topography while ruining the ecosystem. Then they get attacked by King Kong, and during this, there’s a scene where one of the actors says with the typical Hollywood swag, “Let’s kill this son of a b****”.

Now, remember, the American delegation (with British cousins) came to the island uninvited, they’re ruining it, the poor animal is protecting its home and somehow it becomes an SoB. Sadly we continue to applaud madly for such beautiful piles of s*it. There are thousands and thousands of such examples. Pretty much all the superhero movies for instance. These red, white and blue wavering projects, besides being heavy with propaganda, are racist, sexist, and above all, hateful. But they’re packaged so wonderfully that we fall for them. The American entertainment industry, along with their partners from across the pond, has constantly painted the world in a pro-America and allies’ narrative. Anything that doesn’t align with the interest of the US government and the corporate has been branded as evil, while incredible evils of the US allies have been categorically suppressed. This is proven in the fact that since the 1940s, there have been more than 170 films on the Holocaust that killed 6 million people, while the stories of scores of millions of Indigenous Americans butchered by European colonizers, scores of millions massacred in the Indian subcontinent by Britishers, hundreds of thousands slaughtered in Australia by Britishers, the brutal saga of the slave trade from Africa almost never get told. Even in holocaust movies, it’s only the Jewish people who have found a voice. This brilliant whitewashing of history has been a critical part of the US-led propaganda machine. This relentless campaign has severely affected the security and prosperity of non-White people worldwide, besides refusing them the basic historical and cultural recognition.

Modern-day cultural colonialism has even sought to glorify some of the evilest characters in history – from the UK’s genocidal national hero Winston Churchill to the heavily decorated contract killer Chris Kyle of the US. This mass cultural appropriation has often employed laughter as an effective tool, an instance of which can be found in the WHCA’s annual dinner where hosts in the past have drawn mass hysteria with their quips on how the US toppled foreign governments and grabbed power – the singular mood being America always comes first, at immense global cost. The US propaganda machine has been just as vicious as that of Russia’s and China’s, if not worse. The only difference being the US’s ability to package and sell. And this has led to Trump, the karma of the US. Meanwhile, the saddest aspect of all this has still been how the non-White and non-American people contributed to the American cause. Vir Das, a mediocre Indian comedian, went on Conan O’Brien’s US late-night talk show in early 2017 to say that Trump was America’s arranged marriage, predictably he didn’t have the guts to say that Trump is America’s Karma. Worse, the Hollywood career he thought he’d get by selling off his own culture never came his way. Another trivial example, but speaks of something much larger. The US, till the end of time, will keep milking the world for its interests. It is up to individual nations and cultures to defend their ground and the need has never been more urgent than now.

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  1. Nice article! Everyone knows that the WHCD, just like the Oscars, is just an excuse for the rich and powerful in the US to jerk themselves off while simultaneously patting themselves on the back.


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